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本文摘要:Sony Corp SNE 0.18% is likely to cut average pay next year in a rare move for a big Japanese company, and one that goes against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push for higher wages to get the economy moving.索尼(Sony Corp)明年有可能上调员工平均工资,这对日本大公司而


Sony Corp SNE 0.18% is likely to cut average pay next year in a rare move for a big Japanese company, and one that goes against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push for higher wages to get the economy moving.索尼(Sony Corp)明年有可能上调员工平均工资,这对日本大公司而言极为少见,也和日本首相安倍晋三明确提出的通过涨薪来增进经济快速增长的点子背道而驰。For a second year, Abe is pressuring major companies to raise base pay in the fiscal year from April and boost investment, to kick-start a positive cycle of higher wages, profits and prices to end 15 years of deflation.安倍倒数第二年给大公司施加压力,拒绝它们在下一财年(从4月份开始)提升基本工资并减少投资,以便打开工资-利润-物价依序下跌的良性循环,进而完结日本长达15年的通缩。Japan’s main union of electronics workers is likely to demand a hike of over 2% in base pay, and companies are widely expected to comply. Most Sony workers, however, don’t belong to the Japanese Electrical Electronic Information Union, and the company’s average pay of 8.85 million yen ($74,000) is among the industry’s highest.日本仅次于的电子行业工会仅有日本电机电子信息关联产业工会联合会(JEIU)有可能拒绝将基本工资提升2%以上,预计涉及企业将广泛符合这项拒绝。

但大多数索尼员工都不属于这个工会,而该公司885万日元(7.4万美元)的平均值薪酬则是行业最低工资水平之一。Sony is going through a painful restructuring after cutting its earnings forecasts six times in two years, and the once-storied electronics maker said earlier this year it will overhaul its salary structure for the first time in a decade, without elaborating on expected changes in pay.两年来,索尼已六次上调盈利预期,目前正在经历伤痛的重组。


今年早些时候,这家曾多次传奇的电子制造企业回应,将对薪资结构展开十年来的首次大调整,但并未明确解释工资将经常出现怎样的变化。“We are at this time studying various issues as Sony overall is in a difficult situation,” spokeswoman Yo Kikuchi said. “The current human resources system was put in place around 10 years ago, so it was also time for a review.”索尼发言人菊池洋回应:“整个索尼都面对困境,目前我们于是以对多个方面展开研究。现有的人力资源体系创建于约10年前,因此也到了新的评估的时候。

”Pay cuts are unusual in Japan, especially at big companies with their tradition of jobs-for-life and seniority-based compensation. Employers typically adjust to hard times by trimming bonus and overtime pay and hiring fewer new graduates.在日本,裁员并不少见,尤其是那些以终生雇用为传统并且论资历缴纳薪酬的大公司。状况艰苦时,雇员往往采行减少奖金和加班费,以及增加聘请应届毕业生的方法。

While Japan’s economy is fitfully recovering under ‘Abenomics’, with profits at record highs, Sony remains in a defensive mindset. In September, the company widened its annual net loss forecast to 230 billion yen from 50 billion yen and scrapped its dividend for the first time since going public.“安倍经济学”给日本经济带给了时断时续的衰退,尽管利润早已正处于历史高点,索尼仍维持着防御型思维模式。9月份,该公司将全年净亏损预期从500亿日元下调至2300亿日元,并中止了收益,这是索尼上市以来首次作出这样的要求。Kikuchi said details of the pay cuts have not been decided, although the overall average is likely to decline. The overhaul will focus on improving meritocracy, meaning employees who do not hold management titles but are in leadership roles may be paid more, while some others could see a cut.菊池洋称,尽管仅有公司的平均工资有可能上调,但降薪细节仍未定案。



“First and foremost, we’re hoping employees can be paid and graded according to the roles they play. Cost effectiveness should improve as a result,” she said.她认为:“最重要的一点是,我们期望按照员工充分发挥的起到来缴纳薪水并审定其等级。这样应当可以提升成本效益。”Takahiro Nonaka, general secretary of the electronics union, said it has not yet set its official position, but higher pay is crucial for the economy. The union is likely to demand the same 2% rise as Japan’s pace-setting metal workers’ union, which includes carmakers.JEIU秘书长矢木孝幸回应,该的组织仍未奠定官方立场,但提升工资对日本经济很关键。

还包括汽车制造商在内的日本金属行业工会引领着工资调整幅度,JEIU有可能像其一样拒绝将工资下调2%。“Personal spending, which accounts for around 60% of gross domestic produt, needs to grow,” Nonaka told Reuters. “We want to share that understanding with companies as we negotiate.”矢木孝幸对路透社(Reuters)记者说道:“个人消费大约占到日本GDP的60%,必须不予提高。






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