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本文摘要:IBM is set to acquire Promontory Financial, a Washington-based financial consulting firm, as part of a broader effort to use artificial intelligence to analyse regulations and provide advice to financial institutions.IBM将并购总部派驻华盛顿的金融咨询公司鹏睿


IBM is set to acquire Promontory Financial, a Washington-based financial consulting firm, as part of a broader effort to use artificial intelligence to analyse regulations and provide advice to financial institutions.IBM将并购总部派驻华盛顿的金融咨询公司鹏睿金融集团(Promontory Financial Group),以构建用人工智能(AI)技术分析监管规定、并为金融机构获取咨询意见的更大目标。The computer maker said it was launching a new unit, Watson Financial Services, that would seek to harness the power of Watson, its artificial intelligence computer system, to advise clients on risk and compliance.这家计算机制造商回应于是以正式成立一个取名为沃森金融服务(Watson Financial Services)的新部门,该部门不会企图利用其人工智能计算机系统沃森(Watson)的极大威力,为客户获取风险与合规方面的咨询意见。IBM has suffered from falling revenues over the past four years as its core computer business declines, and Ginni Rometty, its chief executive, has tried to counteract this by focusing on new business areas such as analytics and cloud services. 过去四年,随着其核心计算机业务的下降,IBM备受营收下降之厌。

该公司首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)曾企图通过将注意力集中于分析和云计算服务等新的商业领域,对付这一趋势。The company has been spending aggressively to invest in these areas, making $5bn worth of acquisitions in the first six months of this year, although it did not disclose the price tag for the Promontory deal.在这些领域,该公司仍然在以保守的支出积极开展投资,今年上半年实行了价值50亿美元的并购交易。不过,该公司未透露其在鹏睿收购交易中的价码。Promontory is a consulting firm founded and led by Eugene Ludwig, who was a top banking official during the Clinton administration. 鹏睿是由尤金路德维格(Eugene Ludwig)创立并领导的一家咨询公司,后者在克林顿掌权期间是一位顶级的银行业官员。

It has more than 600 employees globally, many of who are former regulators who provide consulting services to the banks they once regulated.该公司在全球享有逾600名员工,其中许多人都曾在监管机构供职,现在则在为他们曾监管过的银行获取咨询服务。Through this tie-up IBM hopes to tap into the market for helping banks manage a fast-changing regulatory environment, a niche that it estimates is worth some $270bn a year. IBM期望通过这一结盟,研发这一协助银行管理较慢变化的监管环境的市场。据IBM估算,这部分众市场每年的规模大约为2700亿美元。


After the deal with Promontory closes, its employees will help train Watson so that the artificial intelligence system can better understand risk and compliance.在与鹏睿的交易已完成后,鹏睿员工将协助训练沃森系统,从而令其该系统需要更佳地解读风险与合规问题。This is a workload ideally suited for Watson’s cognitive capabilities intended to allow financial institutions to absorb the regulatory changes, understand their obligations, and...address compliance requirements more quickly, the company said in a statement.该公司在一份声明中回应:这是一种极致合适沃森理解能力的工作,意图令其金融机构吸取监管条例的变化,解读它们的义务,并且……更加很快地应付合规拒绝。The tasks that Watson could perform include tracking changing regulations, financial risk modelling, surveillance, and anti-money laundering work, the company said. IBM回应,沃森可能会继续执行的任务还包括追踪研究大大变化的监管条例、金融风险建模、监督工作及反洗钱工作。

Watson, which became famous for beating human contestants on the game show Jeopardy!, has previously been used for big-data processing work including cancer research, but has yet to have any blockbuster commercial applications.沃森系统曾在智力比赛综艺节目《危险性边缘》(Jeopardy!)中击败人类参赛者,从而让其名声大噪。此前,该系统仍然被用作还包括癌症研究在内的大数据处理,不过目前为止仍仍未过任何一鸣惊人的商业应用于。We believe the future of business and regulation will be driven by the need for advanced technology alongside deep subject-matter expertise, said Mr Ludwig.路德维格回应:我们坚信,驱动商业和监管未来的,除了对目标领域很深专业技能的必须以外,还包括对先进设备技术的必须。

Last year Promontory faced a lawsuit from the Department of Financial Services related to services provided to Standard Chartered involving its business with Iran. 去年,鹏睿曾由于为渣打银行(Standard Chartered)获取的服务接踵而来了该行与伊朗的业务,面对纽约州金融服务管理局(Department of Financial Services)的法律诉讼。Promontory settled the charges for $15m and admitted that it did not comply with regulations for consultants.通过交纳1500万美元罚金并否认没能遵从咨询公司监管规定,鹏睿就涉及指控达成协议了妥协。IBM’s share price, which has risen 14 per cent this year, was flat on Thursday on news of the acquisition.收购消息爆出之后,IBM股价在周四维持稳定。






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